Dry January – We Did It!

We’ve done it – we made it to the end of January, sober as judges.


Dry January is more of an exercise in self-discipline, will power and healthy living.

Not that we drink loads – alcohol just tends to make me fall asleep these days.

It feels great though, to get to the end of the month and achieve a goal. It shows me that I can achieve things, if I stick with them.

I don’t think I’ve lost weight (I’m still festively plump from Christmas), or feel any healthier. I just feel great, simply by the virtue of achievement.


Apparently, my cholesterol should be lower, my skin all glowy and pretty and my sleep cycle improved. I can’t say I have noticed any change – which may be in relation to how much (or little) I drank in the first place.

It also helps to have other rewards for yourself, too. For slogging through a tough week, the reward can often be a nice chilled glass of white wine at the weekend.  So instead of wine being the reward, I changed it to Jaffa Cakes. Possibly not the healthiest option, but oh man, I love the Jaffa Cakes (as my waist size can attest to).

ln_501547_bp_11I’ve increased how much normal tea and herbal tea I drink. Buttermint tea from Twinings is just absolutely bloody gorgeous. Peppermint and Nettle – also lovely.

I’ve decreased my caffeine intake, apart from the standard cup of coffee in the mornings.

Again, not sure about what benefits it has given me, apart from being a bit more hydrated. I still get headaches, which must therefore be more stress related.

I think the most significant health change I have made, is getting back into the gym, which I go to every lunch time at work. We have our own onsite gym and I get some time in with the cross trainer and weight circuit whenever I can.

I’ve also signed up for Yoga class, too.

I find I have loads of energy for the afternoon at work after being in the gym over lunch. It makes me feel positive and energetic too.

Dry January has been an overall feel-good challenge – but the other changes I have made have also contributed to a bit of a happier, healthier me.



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