He’s Beautiful & He’s Back – James Blunt

I have never understood why people have a keen dislike for singer James Blunt.

I didn’t find ‘You’re Beautiful’ annoying, at all. It was just a nice chart-botherer of a hit. Nowt to write home about, but you’d sing along to it in the car if it came on the radio.

Now Mr Blunt is back with a shiny new album called The Afterlove, which frankly, sounds like a euphemism and not in a good way. Title aside, I think it’ll do well – not that I’ve heard it, I am basing it on the fact the guy is legitimately popular. Despite the best efforts of trolls (which James obliterates regularly on Twitter with his legendary replies) and even an ad campaign for the National Lottery where he played on his ‘unpopular image’, he is unstoppably great.

I was amused by the recent video posts on Twitter, where he was promoting his new album. It is seriously worth a look, as is checking out his replies to both fans and trolls alike.

I am not a fan of his music, but I don’t mind it. I am more a fan of his take downs on Twitter and one liners. How can you not find them hilarious?! 🙂

Check out James Blunt’s Twitter here.

Check out James Blunt’s latest album, The Afterlove, released 24th March.

 Copyright/ Source: Twitter/ Atlantic Records

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