Moving House: Nearly There

At last, we have a moving date.

We’ve signed somethings with the solicitors and we are virtually ready to go.

It’ll be weird leaving the house I have spent over 10 years of my life in. I’ve lived there longer than I have lived anywhere, in all of my life.

It was the house we bought as a newly married couple. It was the house in which we brought our babies home from hospital to. It was the house in which I grieved the loss of my eldest two daughters.

It has provided a roof over my head for a long time – it has been somewhere safe, somewhere I can be myself in.

There is a lot of love emanating from those walls. There are a lot of memories.

Yet, it is time to move on now. Time to make memories somewhere else.

If we do not change, then we do not learn and we do not give our lives interesting stories.

It will take time, money and patience to get the new house in order and to get it how we want it, but I am looking forwards to the task.




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