Dry January

Like a lot of people, I am a bit shocking at trying to keep New Year’s resolutions.

All of them are usually around the same old gubbins of losing weight, exercising more and eating better.

All of which go by the wayside for whatever reason. Mainly because I am a full time working Mum with two chronic illnesses. I have little time to exercise, eat what is available through exhaustion and as for the weight…

So this January, the husband and I are having a dry month.

I think after the indulgences of Christmas and New Year, it is a bit easier to turn the alcohol down. Not that we’re big drinkers, but I think it is worthwhile getting rid of what we do have in the name of health.

When the Christmas chocolate has gone, we will have a chocolate/sweets break too. Thomas doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but I do, which is a bad thing. My husband’s favourite not-good-for- you food is carb heavy.

We will break our self-imposed drought on my husband’s birthday at the start of February – but who knows? We may want to leave it longer. We will see.

If you are also having a dry January too, good luck 🙂



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