Happy 2017


It has been rather remiss of me not to wish you all a very happy New Year and express the hope that you had a peaceful and joyful Christmas/ Yuletide/ holiday period.

We had a great time with the kids – after all, for me, Christmas is all about children. The magic and wonder and delight that they meet it with is beautiful and I am so pleased we were there to see it.

New Year’s resolutions are always the same: lose weight, gain confidence, win the lottery – that sort of thing. This year, as well as those, I want to be more engaging with my husband and children by battling my illness harder.

We should also be moving house soon too. A hopefully positive start to 2017, which looks to have some very nerve wracking things ahead, as far as I can see. I just hope I am equal to the challenges ahead.

My mother turns 60 tomorrow (if she had lived, that is) and my twins would have celebrated their 10th birthday in April (if they had lived). Some very emotive times ahead, for sure.

Hope this year is *your* year, just as much as I hope it is *mine*.



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