NaNoWriMo 2016 – Just the Shove I Needed

I’ve entered NaNoWriMo twice and won in 2012 with a stonking 60k+ word count.

That story I wrote though, was just drivel. It needed scrapping and starting again, but this time, more planning and less pantsing.

This year, I lost.

I did not even come close to being near the fifty-thousand words I needed to win this year.

After a brief re-read of what I did manage to get out, it wasn’t half bad.

I went for Fanfiction this time.

Not because I thought it was easier – fanficcers all over know that it is not necessarily easy to write fanfic – but because I had this great germ of an idea. I’ve really gotten into a show I was watching on Netflix and noticed how one of the characters in the show always gets a bum deal. Even in the published tie-in novels, he always get a crap deal and never gets his happily ever after.

I decided that had to change and that his happily ever after was going to happen for him via NaNo.

I had loads of ideas and when I’ve sat and wrote, I have written like fury. Yet, probably down to my health, I have found it so difficult to commit to writing this year. Even as a whole, this year has been terrible in lots of tiny ways. The year of a thousand knives I’m naming 2016; there has been so much, too much, death, misery and destruction.

I’m not giving up on the story though. I can and will carry on until I’m about ten chapters deep, then I will publish it on a fanfic site, probably (the go-to platform for fanfic publishing, but of course).

My husband knows I’m writing this particular fanfic and he loves it. Every time we watch the show (which sadly concluded over a decade ago now), he asks how the character who I am giving new dimensions to is getting on. It’s kinda cute.

Congrats to all who won NaNo and commiserations to those poor souls like me, who didn’t manage to finish up. Don’t give up though! See NaNo as the shove out the plane you needed to get going on your story.



1 thought on “NaNoWriMo 2016 – Just the Shove I Needed”

  1. Congratulations on getting the story started. I didn’t do NaNo this year, but I was determined to write more stories in November. By the end, I finished two stories, one short of my goal. The third is a work in progress. It will be part of a goal I’ll have next year.

    It’s awesome you’re doing fan fiction. I thought about it but never committed to it. Crafting stories is hard enough. I imagine it’s more challenging using characters from source material and maintaining some authenticity. I think it’s something I might try next year. It will be one of many goals to shoot for next year.

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