Happy Ending for Sippy Cup Search

We all like to hear about a happy ending to a story, right? One man’s desperate search for a toddler sippy cup, the only one his autistic son will drink from, has had a happy ending indeed recently.

Marc Carter took to the web to try and find a very specific little blue cup. His son would rather go to A & E with dehydration than drink from anything else. With the current one falling apart, Marc began a desperate quest to try and find the exact same cup so that his son could simply drink.

copyright/marc carter

Ben, Marc’s son, has drunk from the exact same style of cup since he was two years old. Now at the age of 13, his current cup was falling apart fast.

Much to Marc’s relief and amazement, his tweet was retweeted more than 12,000 times and offers from around the world came in from people who still had the cup and were willing to send him their, despite it now being long out of stock.

Not only were strangers sending him their cups, but the manufacturer, UK based Tommee Tippee also stepped in. Although they had not produced the cup for Boots since the late 1990’s, they looked into a way of reproducing it. They took to even looking all over the world in countless factories until they found the original mould. No doubt with some relief.

To Marc’s delight, Tommee Tippee offered to reproduce a life time’s supply of the cup – 500 units in fact.

In what has proven to be a horrible, bleak year for so many, a little ray of sunshine like this is just what so many of us need.

Well done Marc for doing a wonderful thing for your son. Well done to the thousands of people who helped locate cups and well done to Tommee Tippee for doing a particularly kind, caring and decent thing.


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