Seasonal Sickness & Moving House

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was marked by the children being sick with a vomiting bug. First little Willow succumbed and then Daisy. She’s off school today with her Dad looking after her whilst she lies in our bed, watching CBBC to take her mind off her stomach cramps.

We’ve sold our house and are now on the lookout for our own now. It’s balancing area vs house and it’s a bit of a juggling act. You need a nice area, but you have to sacrifice house size or how well the house is done up.

Haworth doesn’t look promising, just because you sacrifice size and pretty much everything else, just to get into the area. I don’t want my kids living in a shoe bow – but if I could move there tomorrow, I would.

That and Whitby. I just need a lottery win in order to facilitate the purchase of dwellings in both Haworth and Whitby. They are just such happy places for me.

The viral chest infection I’ve had since mid-August is still there and morphing into more exciting things like head colds and sinusitis. I keep getting more viruses on top of it so now it’s also sinusitis. I’m fed up of being snotty and feeling horrible. I always think to myself what as advert I am for breastfeeding (which naturally boosts immunity in babies) – I was never breast fed and I have allergies, a very weak immune system and asthma. All the things they said could happen to non-breastfed babies, happened to me.

(Of course breastfed babies can get all of the above however, statistically; there are more adults like me in the non-breastfed camp than the adults like me in the breastfed camp)

I think I could do with a month off, antibiotics and a nice long holiday somewhere sunny.



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