The Dark Ages Are Back: Trump Won

Trump won.

I was utterly horrified when my husband woke me up and told me. I thought he was joking.

When I turned on the BBC News channel, it turned out that he wasn’t kidding at all. Unfortunately.

I’m just utterly floored by how the most powerful country on Earth has elected a loud mouthed moron. I always thought he had run for president as a dare. He has no political experience, has made a public profile for himself by being a lurid, opinionated buffoon. In what way is he credible? How is America going to be taken seriously ever again? Even Boris Johnson, a loveable fool has more political acumen than he has and I wouldn’t put Boris in charge of the UK.

Clinton was clearly the much better choice. She is experienced, she is has empathy, she is real. I don’t care about the e-mails and any accusations of back hander skulduggery. As that scene in Blackadder 3 points out, politicians and being a bit dodgy is almost part of the job description:

Why do I care though? I am literally an ocean away from that country; I have a different government looking after me. Yet, it really does affect us. It affects the world economy, which will affect us.

If I was being more concerned – the last time America had a president that people largely considered to be a bit of a fool, we ended up in Iraq. Yep, our PM joined in, but would he have done so without the backing of the then president? What I’m getting at is, the president can end up taking us to war and it will inevitably involve us, too, as an ally.

I’m so worried. This guy, with NO experience, clearly not a grain of common sense or human empathy in his head, is now a president. I’m horrified that a country like America has elected him.

I’ve only encountered one Trump supporter (out of every person I know or have encountered online – one) and that individuals way of dealing with everyone being upset, was to rant and rant and rant. The rest of us, as far as I can tell, are equally afraid and mortified.

I can only hope that the politicians around him help him to do the right thing and help him begin to understand that love, acceptance and kindness are better than fist thumping bigotry and ignorance.

To the hope of a better world…


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