Look After Your Blog…

I was recently involved in something that meant my online presence was looked at in order to appraise my overall writing.

It’s funny really, I never expected my blog to be looked at in a semi-professional way. I kind of see it as a humble trickle of my mind, made real in text form on the web.

It made me consider what impression it gives other people who wander on to it. Is it what they expected? Does it demonstrate any skill in writing? Does it inform? Entertain? What?

I enjoyed looking again at my own posts but with the scrutiny of an observer, a reader.

You know what? It made me love my blog a little bit more. I think personal blogs are actually quite niche these days. I think that unless you specialise in something, a meandering blog like this can easily pass people by.

I feel like I’m typing away in some obscure, dark little corner where no-one sees me and no-one is desperate to read what I write. That alone is marvelous. I like that lacy black veil of obscurity. I like my blog anonymity.

I’m proud of what I have achieved here and I really don’t care if others don’t agree.

I write for me 🙂


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