Thing 3

A couple of the tasks for an online course I’m currently undertaking, involves me searching for my digital footprint.

This is basically where things you’ve written or put on the internet, no matter when or where, will leave a footprint of your online, digital life as they are seldom erased.

I’ve always tried hard to keep away from leaving too much information around me and use a pseudonym at times simply because I like to try to protect myself a bit online. There are you garden variety scammers, but much worse – there are some dangerous people out there too.

My digital footprint via Google, brings up little, not unless I put in the place where I live, then it displays my work details.

So, I have tried a different approach – by using my maiden name (which I haven’t used for 10 years). The results this time, using the combination of my first name and my former last name, brought up the information regarding my mothers death last year. She was always known by her divorced surname, she never changed it back to her maiden name.

That meant my first name and her surname had digitally blended together to form a result in a search engine. It was pretty saddening to see that come up in the searches, but it was pretty inevitable.

Bonus A – Write an ‘About Page‘ – already done 😉


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