Just Come Round for a Chat

Coming on here to type some words is very much like visiting an old friend for a catch up. Admittedly, it is a bit one sided, but still nice. Just someone to listen as I drone on.

I’ve been rather stressed this week, with lots of different things. Just sitting down to write helps me get rid of some of that stress. Writing is a cathartic gust of words, if you let them be that, of course, there to blow away the cobwebs and dust of the everyday.

I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. We’ve learned, at last, over the course of many years, that leaving the present buying to November’s wages coming in is possibly not a good thing. So a few things here and there as we plod on through the remaining  days and weeks of the year.

What a year. It has had some incredible lows and some interesting highs, either way, I won’t be sorry to see the eventual end of 2016.

I hope your 216 hasn’t been as bad as mine – much worse for other people, though. Despite how bad it has been, it has been far worse for others.

For me, illness has blighted me so much over this year. I seem to have not been able to get too well since 2014, which is just exhausting. The every day slog with the burden of a severe chronic ailment requires a mammoth amount of strength and props to those who are also battling an unseen disability and/or chronic illness.

Anyway, here’s to fighting on,

Cat x

PS I like the implication in my title that I have come round for a cat. That sounds cool (chat is French for cat).


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