100 Object Project: #21 The Baby Sock in my Desk Drawer

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I have had this sock in my desk drawer for many years. It belonged to my older daughter, Daisy. I can’t remember the exact set of circumstances that resulted in this baby sock ending up in my desk, but I can imagine.

When you’re a mum, you tend to have a lot of random things in your handbag and of course, that bag goes everywhere with you. I currently have baby wipes and a fresh nappy in my hand bag at the moment, for example.

It was no doubt the product of one of those times where my hand bag becomes the repository of many baby related items and sometimes they come out in random places.

I clearly found this in my bag one day, nearly 8 years ago and decided I needed something I could touch to feel close to my daughter when we were apart. This little sock was one of many she owned and as such, it would not have been missed at home, but at work, it was gratefully received by me.


I have never wanted to take it out of my drawer and take it home. It is a good luck symbol, not that I can say it has given me any luck! It just makes me feel a bit better during moments in my working day when I miss my daughters a bit too much.

So precious x





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