Thing 1 & 2: 23 Things for Digital Knowledge

My manager came across a course ran by the University of Edinburgh called “23 Things for Digital Knowledge” and felt it was something I could do for personal development (my role, like so many these days, is leaning towards more digital output).

It is a step-by-step programme, mainly aimed at their own staff and students (but we outsiders are allowed to join in, even if we’re not bumped into the raffle to win an iPad, booo) to help them identify helpful ways of getting the most out of the digital world.

What will I get out of it?

I’m not terribly certain. I’m an old hand at writing websites, social media and of course, blogging. However, old dogs can learn new tricks and I am more than happy to explore the digital arena in a bit more detail, whilst proving and improving the skills I already have.

This blog post is in it self a box ticked as an activity which is part of the series of tasks in the programme.

I look forward to seeing what new ‘Thing’ is next.



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