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UPDATE: Letter from Dying Mum to Daughter – Bethany Found

Yesterday’s report on the letter found in a bookshop in Bishop Auckland, that had been written by a mother who was dying, has a happy (or as happy an ending as possible, in the circumstances).

Bethany has been found and the letter and accompanying photo returned to her.

Bethany Gash is a 21 year old woman living in the north east of England and her mother has also been named as Mrs Lisa Gash, who tragically passed away in 2001.

Copyright: BBC News

The BBC reported the outcome of the story, mentioning how pleased and overwhelmed Bethany was to be reunited with the precious letter and photo.

It’s a bitter sweet ending to this story, but I hope that Bethany can take comfort from the letter and photo. She has spent most of her life without her mother and therefore, I can imagine that anything from her will be very important to her.

I would just like to pass on my best wishes to Bethany, who I hope, as per her mothers wishes, that she lives a long and happy life. As for Mrs Gash, I hope you rest in the peace and light of heaven.




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