Help Letter from Dying Mum to Get Back to Daughter

Sometimes, the power of social can actually have a positive impact on others.

An example of this is the campaign by Gordon Draper, a book shop owner in England.

He came across a heart-breaking letter hidden amongst a pile of second hand books.

The letter is from a dying mother to her young daughter, a little girl identified only as Bethany.

Here is the letter itself:


Any mother reading this, let alone human being with a heart, would be moved by this letter.

She calls herself ‘Mam’ in the letter and although I know people all over the UK use it too, it is very common in the north east of England. This may possibly point to which part of the country Bethany may still be.

The BBC News picked up the story and so far have drummed up some interest as it is currently (at time of writing) the most read article on its site.

I lost my own mother, although I was not close to her, in 2015 when I was an adult. That must only be a shadow of what poor little Bethany must have gone through.

The picture looks dated, perhaps the early 1990’s, which would make Bethany grown up now:


I genuinely hope that Mr Draper succeeds in his quest to get the letter back to Bethany.

Please feel free to share this post also, in case it can also building the momentum to get this letter back to its rightful owner.

If you recognise this letter and/or picture or know who Bethany is (or you are her), then please get in touch with Mr Gordon Draper of Bondgate Books in Bishop Auckland (should be easy to find the number on the web).



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