100 Object Project: #20 A Guide to Marrying in St. Helens


This was sent to us not long before we got married by the register office in St Helens (Merseyside, England).

It reminds me of that sweet and glorious time, ten years ago, when I was about to make the biggest decision in my whole life (until I had my babies): marrying my wonderful man.

We devoured anything sent to us as I think we were both a justifiably nervous. We wanted it to be a wonderful, perfect day – what couple doesn’t want that too?

I spoke on the phone many times to Colin Smith (pictured). He had officiated over my Dad’s wedding to my step mum and my Dad’s next door neighbours. Colin also knew my Dad’s uncle, Ken Gange, who was an extremely well known wedding photographer for many decades in  St Helens and Warrington.

As soon as Colin knew my surname, he knew who my family were, which kind of happens a lot in my home town.

Colin even presided over our wedding. He was a top bloke and also funny as hell. He kept making jokes all the way through, which was wonderful. I’ve never seen a wedding congregation so amused and enjoying themselves. He managed to provide us with the fun, laid back and off beat wedding we had been hoping for.

This pamphlet also reminds me of the tradition we decided to go with – marrying in the brides hometown. I know weddings aren’t always very traditional and mine most certainly wasn’t either in many ways, but there are a couple of things we kept.

We had our banns read in Keighley, as we lived in Haworth at the time.

I remember we both got interviewed separately (which is normal procedure) and sitting there hoping I didn’t forget his birthday or any other fact about him! I remember they asked if we were related in any way and just finding that hilarious.

I like to keep hold of these little bits from my wedding day, one of the happiest days of my life.


Cat x


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