100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project: #18 The ‘Ex’ Sticker


This very tongue in cheek sticker is from a friend around the time I was having a horrible break up.

It was a good 12-13 years ago now, but whenever I uncover this, languishing in a folder or a box, it never fails to make me smile.

It started off life just stuck on my wall in halls, along with other bits and pieces. It was there to make me see the funny side of rubbish things, which is why I displayed it all. It reminds me of a tough time and the friends, the true friends, I had around me at the time.

It was also from Quiggins in Liverpool, as I recall, therefore the sticker reminds me more of that place really, much more than what it was bought for. How much time and money could be spent wandering around that eclectic, free-spirited maze of stores?

For me, this sticker isn’t about the break up at all, but more a relic from by-gone times from a crazy shop that me and mine used to go to back in the day.

I think I’ll pass it on at some point though – next time someone I know is also having a crappy  break up.

Cat x


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