Poem: Missing

It’s been a while since I posted one of my poems.

So, as we have just celebrated 10 years married this year, I thought I would give you one of my first poems about my husband.



You went

Like lint

In the


Reach out

To grasp


You’re gone

You get on that



You get on that



You get on that


And you’re gone

You take away my joy




You take away my love.

25th August 2003

We were not boyfriend/girlfriend for very long as we became engaged after five months of being together. I felt like I was bonkers to be engaged to 2 blokes in the space of a year (I had been engaged to the other one for 2 years before we split). I guess I’m not great girlfriend material and a bit more marriageable material instead. I cannot work out if that is a good thing or not!

My husband was the best thing to ever happen to me at the time (only surpassed by our kids). I had never known such love, kindness, devotion and loyalty. He was my rock from the absolutely beginning and with each trial I faced back then (and now) he simply loved me deeper and fought harder.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    many congratulations! xoxo

    1. Cat says:

      Thank you 😊

      1. thefeatheredsleep says:

        So deserved xoxo

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