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YouTube Channel to Watch: Top5s

Recently, my husband discovered the YouTube series called ‘Top5s’ and got me watching it. Now we’re hooked.

For those who have never heard of it, it is basically a softly spoken Welsh lad making videos of what he considers to be the top 5 creepy, scary, weird and all round odd events, people or places in various categories.

A few examples of our intrepid narrators top 5’s are:

“5 Creepiest & Most Convincing Paranormal Photographs Ever Taken”:

“5 Extremely Creepy Mysteries”:

“5 Creepiest Ouija Board Stories”:

“5 Mythical Creatures That Could Actually Exist”:

Our narrator does also occasionally wander onto the screen himself, albeit, incognito. He is usually sporting one of his Top5 blue hoodies with the hood up, so that we cannot see his face or hair. I can’t say I blame him, the internet can be weirder than the contents of one of his videos.

We find ourselves quite captivated and compelled by what Mr Top5 puts on screen for us to see next. We enjoy mystery and we’re both pretty spiritual, although Thomas is more of an open minded skeptic.

I like the idea that there is more to this world, this universe, than we currently understand. I want to believe that there are things going on around us that we cannot quite comprehend but is there for the discovering.

What I appreciate the most, is that the fact that the Top5 guy doesn’t just chuck stuff at his audience for voyeurism or sensationalism, he often remarks  sensitively when a human tragedy is involved, such as a disappearance.

A lot of this stuff I’ve seen before, which is bound to happen as he plugs into the healthy stock of images and stories that have been around for many years.

You have to understand though, that younger people are probably seeing all of this stuff for the first time and it is making them think. Hopefully someday we will get to the bottom of some of the mysteries, especially those with lost loved ones.

If you would like to see what I’m talking about, then have a click on the links above. Alternatively, you can check out Twitter, Facebook, the web and of course, YouTube.






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