Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin Dies Aged 27


The Associated Press (AP) have reported this afternoon, the sudden and tragic death of 27 year old Russian-born actor, Anton Yelchin.

Yelchin, better known for his take on Chekov in the latest Star Trek films, has been died following a car accident earlier today (19 June 2016).

Tributes from friends and colleagues have been pouring in via social media, including from fellow actor and Star Trek Karl Urban, who plays Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy:


Karl Urban/Twitter




Zachary Quinto also leads tributes on Instagram:

Zachary Quinto/ Instagram


Star Trek alumni LeVar Burton has also expressed shock at Anton’s sudden passing:

LeVar Burton/ Twitter


Born in Leningrad, in the Soviet Union (now known as St Petersburg, Russia) in 1989, he moved with his figure skating parents to the United States when he was 6 months old, as political refugees.

He began acting at 9 years old, where he would go onto to star in Along Came a Spider, Terminator Salvation and of course, the three recent Star Trek films.

The circumstances of his death are bleeding into the news feeds, however, it is not how he died that counts, rather the contribution to the creative arts he leads behind.

My thoughts, prayers and love goes out to his family, friends and fellow fans.

Cat x


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