Happy 5th Birthday to My Blog!

WordPress sent me a notification earlier, informing me that my blog had turned 5 years old! Can you believe that?


I could be self deprecating and say how awful and dreary and verbose my post have been.

I won’t though. I’m proud I have gotten my thoughts, however haphazardly they may be, onto any platform (other than my beloved diaries).

I’m having a social media burn out at the moment, so I think I will be on here a bit more.

I sometimes think with this blog, that I’m talking to no one, other than myself. Yet, I did not start this blog for anyone but me to just talk about the mush and mire that is my head.

So hey, happy 5th birthday Continuous Strings! May you, well, be continuous!

Cat x

PS This is now my 200th post! So 2 milestones in one post. Kinda proud of me 🙂


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