Jo Cox: A Yorkshire Lass That Inspired


No question mark, no inference that there is more to follow: just WHY.

I heard today to my horror, that local MP Jo Cox was cold bloodedly murdered in Birstall, West Yorkshire, as she finished her advice clinic in a local library.

Jo Cox MP

She was a 41 year old married mother of two young girls, aged just 3 and 5 years old.


Her husband, Brendan, took to social media to post a photograph of his beloved Jo, vowing to love those little girls for all of his life and to encourage others to unite against hate.

It immediately reminded me of the sudden and untimely death of my friend Jemma, who died earlier this year at the age of 42. So beautiful, so bloody clever, so necessary for the betterment of the human race. Both women contributed enormously to their communities. Jemma was a teacher – giving hope and knowledge to countless young people. Jo was an MP, who had worked previously for the NSPCC, Save the Children and Oxfam. She championed the cause of the children caught up in Syria. When the MP’s wages went up, she reacted by increasing how much money she gave to charity. Unlike so many MP’s, she wasn’t in it for anything other than helping and making a difference. They both championed their fellow man. They both cared.

They were both snatched away far too soon. Criminally too soon.

Jemma though, had the love and dignity of being with her family as she passed, scant comfort I know, but Jo was violently robbed of her life at the end of a gun and a knife in the middle of a street.

Both lost their priceless tomorrows with their gorgeous young children and their beloved husbands.

Jo was someone that should always inspire and she should never be forgotten. The good works that were to be the remainder of her life now must be taken up by others and delivered, if humanity is to stand a chance.

My thoughts, my affection, my prayers are with Brendan, their two little girls and the rest of her family and friends. Not just now in the immediate aftermath, but always.

God keep you, hold you and love you Jo.

Thanks for being a woman, a lass, to make me proud that my own babies were all born in Yorkshire too.

Cat x



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