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Celebs Really Do Make Stuff Up. I Know, Right?

Self-confessed Z-list botherer Jack Tweed, has tweeted his followers to inform them that he and his late wife, Jade Goody, would often make up stories to sell to the press for quick money.

I’ve read some comments regarding this from my fellow human beings. A lot are not so nice.

Look – really? Did you all really need this pointing out to you? It goes without saying that celebrity courts the media. It is an uneasy relationship.

Sometimes it’s all lovely: the celeb needs the exposure for their work to get out there, or they need the money. Or something. They want something from the media and in turn, us lot, too.

The other side of the coin is when it goes too far and the intrusion into people’s private lives is unsolicited. That’s when people get hurt.

People like Katie Hopkins and Katie Price, panto villains in the media, who people love to hate; they both court the media, they both rely on the cash they get from media exposure. If they did not have exposure, their products or papers/ magazines they write in would not sell as much. The more notoriety they garner, the more they are going to be paid and are likely to keep being employed.

The relationship between both the media and celebrity is in many ways symbiotic, although they make uneasy bed fellows.

Then the intrusion goes too far. The most infamous example of this is the untimely and tragic death of Princess Diana. I think everyone alive then who wasn’t an infant remembers where they were the day she died.

Of course, celebrities from all over the fame spectrum from A-list to Z-list court the media and play them at their own game for personal gain. Why not? If people believe what they read, then get cross when they learn that they have been lied to, should possibly understand that this is just how it works. We are buying into a public character, rather than into a real person.

We don’t get to see these people clocked off. We don’t get that privilege. What we get is a persona, a character, a 2D cut out but not necessarily that real person. I’m sure there are traits of the public persona versus the real them in what we see – after all, if you are going to lie, it is best to base it on the truth so it is easier to remember.

So next time you see a candid shot of a celeb on a beach in a swimsuit, or you read about another ‘heartbreak’ – just ask yourself, how much of this is ‘real’.

Also, ask yourself the much more searching question: why on earth do you care and why do you think it is your business in the first place?


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