Tesco Agree To Remove Stolen Trolley from Local Park

The weather has decided to warm up sporadically, so we took the opportunity whilst it was sunny to take the kids to the park.

It is not close enough to our house to walk to, so we had to drive there. Annoying, that we don’t live that close to a park, but we try to get there whenever we can.

At this particular park, there are two bodies of water – one is a pretty big manmade lake, that I can only assume was built sometime in the 19th century or thereabouts to cater for the fashion of pleasure boating.

20160514_120315.jpgThe other, is more of a big pond framed by lawn, reeds and the occasional fisherman set up at the water’s edge.

As walking is something that is helping me with an unpleasant illness I am suffering from, we decided to walk with our brood around the lake and then head to the playground.

As we began our circuit, I noticed by the bank, in the shallow water, a Tesco trolley. It was identifiable by its blue livery as it lay sideways in the brownish water.

Above it, ducks, moorhens and geese swam about, oblivious that a metal and plastic cage lay below their busy feet.

I took a picture of it because I hoped, despite being cynical, that if I contacted Tesco, they may do something about it. I wasn’t very optimistic, after all, they are under no obligation that I am aware of to remove their trolleys from waterways or other areas away from their stores. It wasn’t their fault that some moron had stolen it and ditched it in a lake.

I went home and tweeted a picture of the trolley and invited Tesco to do something about it.

They took up the challenge, to my pleasant surprise.

They asked me to DM them the location of the trolley, which I duly did and they informed me that the trolley would be retrieved in around 48 hours.


I have to give some kudos to Tesco for having some sense of community responsibility.

I was happy that they chose to deal with it and to promise to do so within a short space of time.

Although this is not exactly world ending news, I felt it apt to spread a bit of good news for a change about a top UK store, instead of something depressing.

Every little helps.

Thank you Tesco!

Cat x

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  1. bethanyk says:

    I’m glad there are people like you taking the time to contact the right people to remove it and didn’t just walk by and say oh well! You’re awesome for that.

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