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UPDATE: Haters Gonna Hate: Azealia Banks Takes Racist Shots at Zayn Malik & UK

UPDATE 18/05/16 – Late to get this out, but better late than never. Azealia Banks’ Twitter account has been suspended due to what you are about to read below. Nice one Twitter 🙂

It is always sad when you encounter individuals who are actively seeking attention on a massive, wide, public scale by being vile to others.

Katie Hopkins springs to mind. She says crazed, outlandish, upsetting things in order to make a living. This is demonstrable of how being a troll can now be a paying job.

How do we live in a society where we are allowing people to work as cruel, unkind people?

Do we really need to feel enraged, righteous and insulted so we can rage back at these people? Are these people actively feeding a need that we have, to feel indignant and let our own bile out?

I was always taught to treat people how I wish to be treated myself, so I have always tried to do so, even when I have met utter shits along the way.

Then along comes another individual into the fray: Azealia Banks.

I’ve vaguely heard of her, probably when scanning Digital Spy and their horrible website layout.

She maybe decided she wasn’t getting enough attention, so decided to let herself down online by throwing racial slurs at Bradford born and former One Direction star, Zayn Malik.

She then went on to fling racist insults at the whole of Britain too (and even, weirdly, a pot shot at Tesco… ) as well as Zayn.

I just felt sorry for her, reading (not for the faint of heart) her tirade. Is there no one around her, telling her not to hate on people and just deal with things with quiet dignity?

I feel sad that she must not have enough love and positivity in her life to make her feel validated and popular and secure, so she needs any excuse to empty her head online to ostensibly find it.

I didn’t have the best childhood around, but I certainly was brought up not to behave like that.

I’m certain that Mr Malik will just shake his head sadly in the direction of Ms Banks, along with most people.

What I did find encouraging and terribly amusing, was the reaction of my fellow countrymen. Most people not even having heard of Ms Banks, one pointed out that her name sounded like a tacky holiday let in the Cotswold’s.

It is unfortunate she decided to pick on a country that will turn her into a running joke – should they even wish to comment at all, because that is how we deal with people with views like Ms Banks, as a nation.

I want to feel more sorry for her, but I can’t. I do wish her nothing but positivity and love. I’m not jumping on the Banks Bashing Bandwagon, just highlighting how I don’t agree with the professional troll-role in society and how I can’t understand such spontaneous viciousness.

I read that she has been removed from the line up of one UK festival so far.

I look forward to future episodes of Have I got News for You and Russell Howard’s Good News concerning this.

Peace out,

Cat x




(some of these contain the offensive tweets, pls read with caution):

The below source offers the worst of some of her rant – you have been warned:


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