Clarkson, Hammond & May Finally Give New Amazon Show Name


The long awaited title of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s new Amazon show has finally appeared: The Grand Tour.

My first impression was that it was a bit naff and found May’s suggestion of calling it ‘Nigel’ instead (on the understanding that Nigel *is* actually a name and the show needed *a* name).

Then they revealed that the new show will be taking them all over the world, but not just in the pursuit of an endless “Top Gear specials” sort of set up – they are keeping the presenting, studio setting. They’re just doing it in a different country per show, from inside a giant tent.

The audience will be locals of each country, which I think is innovative and has peaked my interest. I’m excited to see what a show like that would look like.

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Apparently, there will be tickets available for the summer when the show starts its studio/tent filming.

As for Top Gear... I remain disenchanted. I just liked the idea of 3 middle aged blokes cocking about and acting like buffoons and consistently doing and saying the wrong things. Matt Le Blanc was a revelation, certainly not one I was expecting, but… It just feels a bit lost without the charm and lunacy that was so fun from Clarkson’s reign.

I will give it a chance, but it does feel like all these awful reboots that you see cropping up at the cinema. It can feel a bit sacrilegious to remake a classic, that kind of thing.

I am much more excited about The Grand Tour than ‘new’ Top Gear, possibly like a lot of other people. This will mean the BBC has a bigger battle to fight in order to convince people to tune in to Top Gear once again, in their droves.

Yet with Clarkson, Hammond and May cashing in on the fact that the BBC sold the show they presented all over the world with much popularity, it is going to be interesting to see the battle playout.

Can the BBC compete? Have Amazon paid all those millions for a good reason?

Should it even be a competition to start with?

I shall wait to see…


Cat x


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