Hello, It’s Me



It has been a wee bit, hasn’t it?

I left you on the tail end of a tale of ghostly seeing abilities…

Why not pick up on more exciting things?

There isn’t anything desperately wonderful right now.

I’m sick, really sick.

I have a long road before I begin to get even a bit better.

This time, my sickness has made my poor husband poorly too. He stresses about me being poorly, like any good husband. This time has just taken its toll.

We’re a strong team though, Mr M and I. Now cowards souls are ours (to paraphrase Emily Bronte).

Every week or so in the news there appears to be another death of great celebrity proportions.

The BBC theorised that the volume of deaths is down to the fact that the baby boomer generation is now cracking on a bit in age and therefore, we are seeing what appears as disproportionate death rates. There is also our changing mindset of what qualifies as celebrity these days too.

I like that theory, I’m going with that.

Victoria Wood was a recent addition to the celeb death toll.

I never found her funny, to be honest. I thought she was cracking at more serious stuff, but funny, I did not find her.

I think I was put off for life when I was at Uni. A group of mates put on this very abysmal plagiaristic cobbled together rehash of her sketches and then they tried to pass it off as their own. It was horribly acted by all concerned and I felt embarrassed for them. It wasn’t even as if it was so bad it was good – It was just BAD.

I remember at the end, they brought on the ‘writer’ for a round of applause. I just sat in reasonable horror that it turned out there was someone taking credit for someone else’s work as nothing in it was original. I was mute and my hands remained unmoving.

I’m dead against plagiarism. An essay of mine was stolen when I was in my 1st year by a so-called mate.

So I was even more annoyed than most.

Other notable deaths are Prince (the only song of his I ever likes was covered by someone else) and earlier in the year, Alan Rickman (a horrid loss as I was most sincerely a fan of his skill as an actor).

At the moment, trying to stay positive and hope that this passes soon and I can try and get on with my life.

Right now though, I am getting well by doing lots of things, including art, writing and knitting.

I’ll try and add to my ‘Arty Bits’ section with what I achieve during this process. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a bore to read through.

Peace out,

Cat x


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