I Just Don’t Condone Horse Races

With the Grand National taking place again, I feel a bit restrained by my objection to it.

Because I am a carnivore, I feel like it’s not okay for me to be against animal cruelty. I have seen the reaction on Twitter and Facebook when someone pops their head above the parapet and says they do not think it’s okay.

Then comes the barrage of abuse: you eat animals – why should you care if someone is being cruel? What YOU do is cruel! You own leather! You eat CHEESE!!

I don’t think you need to be a vegan in order to care about animals. Just because you own a dog or a cat, doesn’t mean you are cruel to them when, like them, you also eat meat.

I don’t think you gain some sort of smug animal-carer-of –he-decade badge for being veggie or vegan and therefore the right to jab a finger at those of us who eat meat and judge.

I do not condone the pointless misuse of animals. I do not agree with flogging and pushing an animal past its limits for nothing more than mobbish glee and financial gain.

It comes down to choice – did the animal ask to run the race? Saying horses love to run is a bit like saying birds love to fly. So? That does not rubber stamp glorifying cruelty.

I will never attend a horse race, ladies day or gala. Not until scientists have discovered a way to communicate with horses and they can turn around and say yes or no to racing.

Bull fighting is another event I cannot agree with. Terrorising an animal for spectator joy is inhuman.

No – it is not nice in the slaughterhouse either. By eating meat I am perpetuating this. I can only urge that humane termination of animal life after the animal has lived a good, long and natural life. That is what I wish. Not to appease my conscience – but to assist the respectful treatment of animals.

We all die in the end. Even the stelliferous era in which we live in this vast and great universe of ours has an expiry date. I just want the animal I eat to have had a good run and I don’t care if that doesn’t go up your flag pole.

If you bet on horses and attend these events – that is up to you. You have your own conscionable opinion and I have mine. I am not interested in this case, in anyone else’s opinion but my own. I won’t change my stance; it is as simple as that.

But even we horrible meanie meat munchers can still have in our twisted evil souls to want to eliminate unnecessary cruelty. Perpetuating unnecessary cruelty, which is what horse racing, is for me – my own personal opinion – then that is completely up to you.

I just dread the main Grand National race, because at the end, hearing how many beautiful horses have needlessly perished for some humans shits and giggles is harrowing.

So feel free to look out for people objecting to the race and then the tirade that follows with the guaranteed: “I wonder how many of those objecting to the race eat meat or wear leather?” or another favourite “you don’t know anything about horses!”. It is almost worth playing ‘objecting to horse racing bingo’.

Just be pleased that there are people moving against animal cruelty, stop rounding on them, regroup and protect the bloody thing that matters the most (much more than even your opinion): the horse.

Just don’t get your knickers in a twist over what I’ve put. It is just my opinion.

Peace out,
Cat x


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