The Nerdy Coolness of Blog Stats

I do like to have a mooch at the statistics for this blog.

Not that I care for traffic, it is more out of interest to see what people are looking at and what country they come from.

As I can’t see search terms anymore (cheers Google/Wordpress), I just see what pages have been read each day and how many times. I also get a handy little map to the right hand side that shows me where my visitors are from and how many people from that country have visited.

It’s a bit of a nerdy pastime. My three most popular countries are the UK, USA and Australia. I tend to get dozens of views from those countries (so big hello over there and over here and all that!).

My most popular post, is one I did in memorium to a friend who died at the turn of the year: Jemma.

I am extremely pleased that my words have resonated with those that knew her and that they may find some common ground and comfort in what I’ve said (hopefully).

How pleasing though. Jemma helped unlock my ability with the written word and now it is through said medium that I express my love and sadness for her and those she loved.

I think the rankings then, are as they should be and I am so honoured that so many have stopped by to hear about how I knew Jemma and the impact, everlasting impact, that beautiful, bonkers girl made on my life.


On some days, I will look at my blog and for some reason; someone has read about 30 posts in one visit (or flicked through them at best). Don’t be shy – say hi! I have a comments box at the bottom and a contact form (see the top of this post) and it would be awesome to hear what you thought of my posts and if they spoke to you on some level.

This blog is more of a little pet project, where I use it to stem the flow of the non-stop torrent of words that pour out of me each day. They all have to go somewhere, so I choose to put them into here. If no-one else’s eyes doth read them but mine, then that is more than okay.

It is good to see my words do something. Words hate inaction, unless they are describing it, of course.

I guess I also want to point out how pleased I am to see people coming on here and having a nose at the stuff I write.

Thanks for kinda going through this whole writery bobbins thing that I do.

If nowhere else, you are welcome here anytime J


Cat x

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