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Little Excerpt

Hello My blog was originally supposed to be about the writing - sort of writing about writing. I have instead, been all meanderingly me and gone off on a tangent... So, I'll share some of the good stuff with you for a change. Refocus and crack on, if you see what I mean. Here is… Continue reading Little Excerpt

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On a Diet

I have begun a diet and this time, I think I’ve made some headway with it (although sometimes it doesn’t look or feel that way). I never weigh myself as a rule and leave that and the outcome to it with those in the medical profession who do it because they need to. I have… Continue reading On a Diet

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Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime

With the advent of spring, brings the rise of hope and expectation – new life, warmer days and bluer skies, scrubbed clean by the winters clouds, snow and rain. We emerge from the winter as animals from burrows – awake and alert for the prospect of better times. That isn’t me. I’ve not always gotten… Continue reading Why I Don’t Get On With Springtime


The Nerdy Coolness of Blog Stats

I do like to have a mooch at the statistics for this blog. Not that I care for traffic, it is more out of interest to see what people are looking at and what country they come from. As I can’t see search terms anymore (cheers Google/Wordpress), I just see what pages have been read… Continue reading The Nerdy Coolness of Blog Stats

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A Chorus of Crazies

Stephen Fry – actor, writer and national treasure – recently left Twitter, a platform he had been so synonymous with. This decision came in light of the negative attention he drew by making a somewhat droll remark about a winner at the recent Bafta awards. Keyboard warriors in their droves booted off about how mean… Continue reading A Chorus of Crazies