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EE vs Vodafone, No Contest ( & No Bacon)

I’m due an upgrade on my mobile phone, so of course, I have been looking at the handsets I really want. I don’t really look until I am due an upgrade. Heaven forfend I find one I fall in love with and can’t have because it will cost the earth to upgrade early.

I am an EE customer and have been for a few years. Ergo, I used to belong to Orange, before it merged and became Kevin Bacon’s employer.

Whilst I was out at lunch today, I went to the EE store in the city centre.

I’ve read up on my tech and really like the Samsung S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. As the S7 and S7 Edge have been rolled out, I was therefore hoping that I could get one for a decent price.


All they could offer in my generous budget (at least I thought it was generous) was the bog standard Samsung S6.

They could only offer the S6 Edge at around £40, with limited texts and limited minutes and 1gb of data. That was less than the package I was currently on.

I told the guy in their completely empty shop that I’d have to go away and think about it (read: go and look elsewhere).

I nipped next door to Vodafone, my husbands networks, which was full of customers (none complaining from what I could tell) on a busy lunch time.

My husband wanted to know when he could upgrade, which turned out to be a bit of a longer wait than he had thought.

Whilst I waited in the store, I asked one of the assistants, by chance, what they could do for the same phone within my budget.

eevvNot only could they do the S6 Edge within my budget (well within, £31 per month) they could also give me unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 2gb of data and £9 for the phone.

I was a tad agape at this massive difference in value and content.

They told me all they needed was my pac code and that if I nipped back in with it, I could get that deal.

After being pretty darn impressed that Vodafone weren’t in the business of ripping you off, I went back to work and cracked on for the afternoon.

Around 4.15 I got a call from EE’s Upgrade Team, wanting to know if I wanted to sort out my upgrade. It wasn’t this chaps day, as I did point out the massive difference in price and plan available elsewhere.

EE sound like they are a bit on the ropes, truth be told. He proceed, rather pointedly, to inform me that if I visited Ofcom’s website, I will see the mountains of complaints about Vodafone, the most complained about network there is, apparently. Well, they said that about TalkTalk and I never had a problem with them.

My brother, father, mother in law, sister in law and husband all have Vodafone and have been on it for years. I have never heard a single complaint from any of them about the state of the customer service or coverage. In fact, I’ve found that when my own phone has lost coverage with EE, my husband’s Vodafone signal remained strong. So go figure, right?

The EE bloke went on to tell me to wait until my actual renewal date in March and speak to their loyalty department, in case there was something they could offer me.

So I have to chase them to make them take too much money off me? Whatever. Not happening.

Nor should it get to the point where a company will only pass on to their customers any savings until they threaten to leave.

I suppose they just expect us all to let our contracts tick over and not to notice the deals elsewhere.

I have only ever experienced a non-stop tide of naff ‘offers’ and price hikes during my time with EE, there is nothing fantastic about them to make me want to stay with them. Besides, I never signed up for EE, I signed up for Orange. I had no choice in the matter. Maybe it is time for me to get back some of that power of choice.

I think I’m in for a fight with this one and I shall not jolly well back down.

For now, my elderly Note 1 will see me through. A dear old friend it has been these four years (I hated my iPhone so much I stopped using it and went back to using Old Faithful. I also may have slightly dropped the iPhone down the loo as well, which is where Apple technology belongs in my rather harsh opinion).

Just be wary of the fact you can get something better and cheaper elsewhere. I’m usually someone who does not shop around as I can be a bit of a lazy customer, but they rattled the wrong cage with me this time. I refuse to be fleeced of a extra tenner a month for LESS than am paying for now!

Sorry EE, no dice (or Bacon).

Cat x

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