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Stephen Fry Quits Twitter Over Comment to Friend at BAFTA’s


Never one to wade in on the craziness, crassness and utter bewilderment of the celeb world, but one story this morning made me take up quill and parchment (or hit my keyboard during my lunch break).

At last nights BAFTA awards, national treasure and all round cerebral demi-god Stephen Fry, made a rather cutting remark about one of the winners.


The ‘offensive’ remark was made after Jenny Beavan accepted her well deserved BAFTA for best costume design for Mad Max: Fury Road: “Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards dressed like a bag lady.”


Ms Beavan was not polished and designer labelled up to her eyeballs – she was remarkably rather casually dressed for such a formal and glitzy occasion – one which the viewer would have noticed, if not picked up on as much as our erstwhile host for the evening.

Obviously, the internet’s reaction was “he’s a cruel, cruel man!”. My reaction? As a Fry fan who has loved his work for nigh on three decades? “oh, he clearly knows this lady and I bet she’ll be waving her fist in the air back stage with a massive grin on her face”.

Such a personal remark told me that he knew her. He is allowed friends. Would I call a mate a bag lady on stage? Yeah. Because if you’re my friend, you get my humour. It is also not like we can’t get his humour – he has kind of been performing as an actor or in documentary presenting role for decades. 

I think the same can be said for Stephen in this case. It was more of an in-joke that we all got to hear and as we don’t know him, her or their personal interactions, we filled in the gaps with assumption.

We assumed that Stephen was being mean for want of a cheap laugh. We assumed that he didn’t know her (I on the other hand immediately assumed that he did, which was proven correct at the end) and was therefore being facetious, flippant and cruel.

We may see celebs on the worlds stage and therefore make assumptions about them, so that we can compute and equate them into our version of understandable normal. But we don’t know them, just as much as we don’t know the person we stand next to in the coffee shop each morning, or the post man. Just because they are familiar to us, does not mean we know them.

I don’t think the assembled members of the film making community that night did what the internet did and went crazy over mean old Mr Fry. They probably either knew they knew each other or did what I did and assumed it was a hilarious joke made between friends.

Stop getting your knickers in a twist over something you see or hear – if it doesn’t sit right with you, try and acquaint yourselves with the truth and facts of the matter first.

I am sometimes someone who will break out into full-rant (not in a Kanye West sort of way though…) about stuff – we all are, but this should not have blown up like it did.

Nor should it have scared Mr Fry away from Twitter. It was, ultimately, not our world or our business and now Jenny is probably feeling a bit bewildered by the uproar and Stephen is probably feeling like crap because people thought he’d hurt the feelings of a friend. Yes, I have made assumptions too, but I am also calling for some sort of peace, calm and order to this.

Come back Stephen, all is forgiven – not that there was a jolly thing to forgive to begin with in my opinion!

Cat x


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