Sending Love to All


I’m getting into the Christmas spirit, or at least, I think it is that.

I am always ever so perturbed by the paucity of good will and kindness of spirit extended towards humans by humans.

The news daily shows us our errors daily – a mirror held up to us, showing the ugliness we as a species display.

Not reviled, humanity presses on in a self-destructive quest to annihilation, a quest I cannot comprehend.

So on a smaller microcosmic scale perhaps; I did a random act of loveliness.

I decided to send some messages to friends and family over text and Facebook, just to remind them that I am there for them, despite the awfulness of a situation or foe they are up against. I think it was just a nice way of reminding those I care about that I am therefore them, that they are never alone and that no-one should face the darkness alone.

It comes from a place within me that knows how it feels to face terrible things alone. I know what that feels like and I know what it looks like. I have seen the despair of having to grope and stumble about in the blind-dark without hope or love. I wouldn’t wish that upon another. That is my Christmas wish for all of mankind.

And if you are a loved one and you did not get a message from me, then take this message on my blog as yours – I am here for you if you need me.

Merry crimbles dears,

Cat x


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