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Jolts of the Painful Stuff

Do you know how sometimes when you think about something that was once fiercely painful a long time ago? Then you sometimes find it gives you a sudden jolt of pain when it, for some reason, comes back into the fore? It is interesting how the pain of a long time ago, dealt with or… Continue reading Jolts of the Painful Stuff

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Appeal: Send a Card to Safyre

I recently told you of the wish from a little boy in Warrington who has a terminal illness and for Christmas, wanted to receive as many Christmas cards as possible from all over the world. I have of course sent my card to Layton and would encourage you to do the same by having a… Continue reading Appeal: Send a Card to Safyre

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Another Sad Christmas (with some nice bits though)

When I was really little, when I believed in Father Christmas, it was magical. There were traditions and rituals that we would go through each year on Christmas eve – my mother would take us up to bed, singing Jingle Bells and a big white paper sack that was nearly as tall as me would… Continue reading Another Sad Christmas (with some nice bits though)