Peace & Paris

At first I wanted to have a big fist-waving rant about how awful what has happened in Paris is and how annoyed I am by people assuming I care less about other terrorist attacks just because I show public sympathy towards one atrocity, instead of constantly for every single one that happens.

The truth is, I’m not going to get cross. I am not going to kick off or get annoyed. I leave the ranting to the loonies of this world who blame God and politics for everything and to justify what they do, instead of owning their actions.

Instead, I won’t justify myself to anyone or express anything other than sympathy to those these events in Europe have touched.

This post is dedicated to my neighbouring country, a country I have ancestral roots in and a country I have visited several times. A city of freedom, of light and joie de vivre. To its people who are hurt in some way by what has happened and to the hope that peace and love will calm this horrible little world.

It is also dedicated to the innocent people who are terrorised every day in this world by the brutal idiocy of terrorism. Wherever you may be, I hope you find peace, freedom, equality and happiness to just live the way YOU want to, as long as that life is good, peaceful and fair.

Live and let live,

Cat x


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