No NaNoWriMo for Me

Grrruhh, I decided not to NaNoWriMo in the end. I just didn’t want to get stuck into it and then end up not completing it. When I did it in 2012, I knew that despite a lot of other factors going on in my life, I would have a chance.

At the moment, I’m not quite in that place and therefore, won’t be able to get it the time and effort it needs. I think it equals out as 2k words per day, which I know I can do very easily, however, stories need planning and thinking about – I just owe it to my characters to have them in a good and ready place before my fingertips drift across the keyboard to bring them alive.

My story is amazing though.

O-actual-m-actual-g is it good. I have settled on a plot (well, the outline), I have settled on the right muses (which was the bloody problem for a long time). Nick is virtually reworked from the ground up and he now makes sense. I was hitting a lot of road blocks with him that stalled the writing process for. Now he’s wonderful and flawed and lovely. I cannot wait to get their story down on electronic paper, once and for all.

The story has also grown so much in scope and vision, that it will take more than one novel to tell it. It is a three volume story, because each section is so different, important and are almost tales of their own.

Made up I have it all outlined and just in need of fleshing it all out now.

But NaNoWriMo is perhaps not the right place – or if it is, it is not the right time. I love the focus the event gives me as a writer, but I would feel shit if I didn’t complete it 

It gives you such a sense of achievement, especially when you are someone who struggles to concentrate and knuckle down to a task and have little faith in your own ability as a writer. It sort of shows you that you do have an imagination and a way with words to build on and from.

Good luck to all trundling their writing cart out and setting up the stall of their imaginations for this year.

Go get ‘em,

Cat x


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