Peace & Paris

At first I wanted to have a big fist-waving rant about how awful what has happened in Paris is and how annoyed I am by people assuming I care less about other terrorist attacks just because I show public sympathy towards one atrocity, instead of constantly for every single one that happens. The truth is,… Continue reading Peace & Paris


Poem: My Feelings for Him Now

My Feelings For Him Now The leaves fell from the trees like Tears from his eyes. The lid of my red pen lid Shone brightly like his lies. ~ Yet in complete honesty, I loved him and he chose me. ~ I see the buses as they go; In two's and three's yet still I… Continue reading Poem: My Feelings for Him Now


My Rainbow is Becoming a Brownie

One of those big huge hairy milestone being flung at me in the world of motherhood: my older daughter has finished Rainbows and is now about turn into a Brownie. Just – what? In November, my little girl (not so little – literally, she’s like Buddy Elf when stood with her classmates) hangs up the… Continue reading My Rainbow is Becoming a Brownie