I’m Just Not a Star Wars Kinda Girl…

The hysteria surrounding JJ Abrams new Star Wars offering has kicked off, with people being so eager to see the film, they are breaking the internet.

The merch has been slowly filling my newsfeed on the Facebooks for some time, almost insidiously waving at me from the screen, trickling in.

Now, I do have at least a couple of mates bonkers about Star Wars, which is cool and possibly why I see more about it than I usually would.

But everyone else… really? I just… don’t get it.

Star Trek? Yeah, I get that. I get that big time with great big fecking knobs and bells on. I love Star Trek and would happily spend a month watching it non-stop.

It appeals to me – not just because I was brought up with it, but because it directly references Earth – humanity even, and presents us with a clear and obtainable future. It’s a nice future – not a perfect one – but one that doesn’t really seem too trippy now, not with each leap in technology and science we make.

2015-01-15 18.47.11Star Trek, just seems like something we can do and by ‘we’ I am mean the human race, from Earth. Not in a Galaxy far, far away. I don’t like the distant and rickety foothold that offers for empathy (so important for me). I need to relate.

I get that Star Wars is Sci Fi fantasy fiction, but it just doesn’t jar me. It doesn’t make me want to sit up and pay attention.

It doesn’t make me smile, or cry or sigh or do anything but yawn at the dizzy character tropes trotted out along with flash-bang CGI.

Everything seems stock and watered down for me.

Star Trek does have tropes, stereotypes and glittery CGI – but it innovated too. It famously screened the first ever interracial kiss on TV in America.

Gene Roddenbury had a vision of equality amongst humans – flinging them out into space from all races of human kind and implying that we all get on now as a species. There isn’t room for racism and bigotry amongst ourselves when we’re up against the Borg.

Yes, it does show intolerance and stupidity, but that is metaphysical. It is as if humans need to channel that primal distrust and psychosis somewhere and it throws that into sharpe relief.

At least that is what I was taking away from it. It just gives me hope. That is what I personally take away from it. This whimsical future vision of us playing nice together, getting on and working together as a species to achieve something great is alluring. I am not for a moment saying that Star Trek is perfect, or gets it right all the time – ST has been going for over 50 years for heavens sake. It can and will take its eye off the ball now and again.2015-01-15 18.44.55

Star Wars gives me Zzzz’s… I’m sure there are great messages in Star Wars, but I’m jiggered if I know what they are. The films just don’t make me care enough about them or the characters.

Perhaps I should not try to compare them to each other. I just don’t think you can. They both operate in space and that for me is where it ends.

So sci fi – YES!!! But SW, nope.

I enjoy the humour surrounding it and pop culture too. I especially love how much joy and escapism it gives people, especially my friends.

2014-12-01 10.20.15Although I don’t get the madness surrounding it to almost religious levels, I can understand it. I’m a mad-crazed fan of stuff too. As for me being a fan or even casually interested though? Although I adore Sci Fi – this is one area that I won’t pay attention to.

Each to their own though and if SW floats your boat – I’m chuffed no end for you. We all need something to get giddy over 🙂

Enjoy the film when it does emerge onto screens in December 2015, y’all.

As long as it makes people happy, then it makes me happy too 🙂

Cat x

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Big of you to admit your non-feelings for the Star Wars franchise, Cat, especially right now. 🙂 Personally, I love both story sets, for different reasons. One urged me to pursue my interests in mechanics because the world needed people of all kinds to create a more cooperative future; the other fed my imagination to be boundless, no matter what the rules might say. I won’t say which was which. 🙂

    What were your feelings on the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot?

  2. Amy Parmeter says:

    Am inclined to agree but found out the other night it’s not in my hands. It took just two moody notes in the trailer to bring back seeing SW as a child and draw me irresistibly to the living room to watch. Trek is in my DNA – but clearly Star Wars is too. And I’ll indulge in both whenever I can!

    1. Cat says:

      Hi Amy, Glad you read my post and thanks for posting a comment. I am that way myself over lots of things – moth to a flame! I feel like I *should* be into Star Wars as a huge Sci Fi fan, but just can’t. Saying that, I do really love how much joy and happiness (and even brings back memories) for so many people. So in a way, I do kinda get something from it, in a rather convoluted way 😉 Cat x

      1. Amy Parmeter says:

        Important to follow your heart! But I guess regardless, the Force will be with us. Always… 😃

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