Meme’s and Emoji’s – Where Has My Writing Gone?

I am changing how I write colloquially. I think we all are, or at least, we are leaning that way.

Instead of putting full-stops, I find myself putting smiley faces there instead. Emoticons/emoji’s/smilies, call them what you will, are invading my writing. I do it now without even realising it.

In fact, in lieu of even writing a reply at all, I’ll even use a meme. A meme, in case you don’t know, are pictures with captions written across them, to convey a usually humorous idea, such as this one:

2014-02-13 09.47.35

You must have seen these by the truck load on the interweb and all over the Facebooks. Yet, when it gets you to the point were, instead of saying ‘thanks’ to a colleague in an e-mail, I sent this:

2015-08-22 00.27.44This really makes me giggle and I can imagine my colleague getting this and having a slightly bemused wtf moment.

I suppose we do this, or I do it, to try and improve the value of intonation within the written word. The written word can be so terribly misunderstood, so adding a smiley, kind of helps with the delivery and impact of the written point. It helps, in my opinion, the difference between something serious and something with a more friendly edge.

As for the meme’s, I think they accomplish this with perhaps more aplomb and alacrity. A picture paints a thousand words and sometimes, they really do.

Here’s one of my faves to sign off on:

Meme's don't need to even make sense!
Meme’s don’t need to even make sense!

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