Missing the Stages

Like me, my youngest two daughters are Autumn babies.

This means, however, that in a short span of time, they have birthdays.

Practically speaking, it is a pain to get them presents because Christmas is round the corner and they change their mind about what they are into all the time. Unless it’s Minions. Little people love Minions, it would appear.

It also means that after the Summer is over, my girls get older by another year.

Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing my girls grow and change, I see it all the time and I am a fiercely proud Momma. However, I am sad to see the end of each stage they go through, even the more trying ones. It means another stage has ended and although there are plenty to come, I am lost almost in missing the ones that have come before.

Nostalgia is perhaps not desperately helpful, but that wistful bit of parenting just adds to the overall experience of it.

Although I miss the stages they have gone through, to some extent (the toilet training stage I will not miss so much, or the “mine” stage!), I am very excited to see what is to come.

I had no idea when I was holding my newborn Daisy, that she would grow  up to be so clever, funny and beautiful. I am beyond proud of her. I cannot believe how much she has changed and it gives me a real buzz of a feeling to think of what lies ahead for her and for us as a family sharing all that with her.

I am pleased as punch to know that I am lucky enough to be her mother and to share those moments with her.

The baby is the same. Little Lolo creates a new surprise every single day. She is the happiest, funniest and smartest baby. She’s been able to count to 10 for months now, something I probably couldn’t do until I was 15 no doubt!

The faces she pulls are hilarious and her use of the imperative in language is so funny: “Mummy, Minions, now! Minions funny!”

She also has this crazy mop of mad blonde curls that I can’t do a thing with. Her sister on the other hand, has straight brown hair, that she recently requested be cut into a bob.

She now sports a trendy bob that makes her look more 1920’s than ever. With a name like Daisy (chosen partly because of the era it evoked), she is terribly 20’s indeed. The downside is, it makes her look so bloody grown up.

Every day I look at my wee bear cub and think “where has my baby gone”? But I am equally so excited to be part of the mad journey that is her childhood.

My four girls are just so beautiful, but there are just times you wish you could revisit and have that extra cuddle whilst they’re tinier 🙂

To making more memories I am going to wish I could revisit,

Cat x


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