Trialling the Pomodoro Technique

Tomato timers at the ready…

I struggle with concentration and fatigue quite a bit and much more than your average chipmunk. There are actual proper medical reasons for this, connected with some fascinating thing I have wrong with me, which I won’t bore you with.

Therefore, the average battle against procrastination, mind wandering, blanks and wondering what the hell I’m doing most of the time, is a constant, everyday battle.

I need to find answers to this concentration and tiredness conundrum and therefore, I have hit the interweb to see if that has any answers. Smart move, I know.

One exercise I am trying out at the moment, to help with productivity, is the ‘Pomodoro Technique‘. This is where you set yourself a task for 25 solid minutes and then have a break for five minutes afterwards. You can do what you want for those five minutes as a little reward – make a brew, doss about on the net, contemplate life, have a stretch, put your head on the desk and ask “why why why!?” and then start again.

After you have done four 25 min (+5 min breaks) sessions of work, you have a ten minute break and repeat the process.

There is even this handy timer you can have, just sat there on your browser (works best with Chrome) that helps you time your periods of work and periods of rest.

So far, after trialling it this morning, it has helped.

The 25 minute segments flew by and having the option of how to spend my breaks was quite fun really.

I found that having a To D0 list (I am big on lists) in front of you helps with this sort of exercise. That way you are not wasting time trying to remember what you need to do, especially if it is sat right there in front of you. You just visually grab an item on the list and complete it, or complete it as much as you can to that point and move on down the list.

It is amazing how much can be achieved by doing this. I was quite surprised myself.

As I am just introducing myself to it, I will give it a break for the afternoon, but spend another morning in the same way and perhaps build it up to a daily exercise.

It instils a sincere sense of achievement which in turn, creates motivation. It shows you what you can do and, if you are a habitual self-doubter (like me), you will find this helpful in  demonstrating what it is you are capable of.

It helps push you that bit further – which I think is so useful at times, when the steam is running low.

I realise I am late to discover this technique as it has been around for a good long while, but sometimes the old ones are the best ones.

If you have a go at this, then please share your thoughts on it also!

Cat x


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