A Sunny Haworth Wander

I have two chronic illnesses and both of them are helped by walking. It is widely regarded by peer reviewed and respected scientists and researchers, too, that this is the case.

So I walk.

One of the aforementioned illnesses is asthma. I can’t run or jog or do much cardio sort of exercise, because my lungs would struggle. A gentle walk though (or a swim), is something I usually tolerate, as long as the weather isn’t extreme (very hot or very cold).

There are lots of places I love to wander, Haworth, but of course, is one of them. There is just so much to do, see and fall in love with there. There are endless places to walk to and around and explore.

I love walking for hours round there, feeling at one with the nature and wildness both within and without, just like Emily did in order to write Wuthering Heights.

Quite little Emily Jane with her shy countenance and even quieter voice, was a raging torrent of wild and beautiful creativity all bound up calmly in the guise of the vicars daughter. She had so much heart and so much soul, with so much to give in both life and death.

I requested a walk on Sunday with the family as I felt my asthma was under control enough at the time for a walk around one of the parks nearby. Instead, Thomas got us all into the car and we drove over the tops through Queensbury and down into Denholme and Oxenhope, then Haworth.

Brow Top Road in Haworth is a formidable experience, with a near vertical road that winds down from the moor to the bottom, by the old fire station and steam railway.

When we used to live in Haworth when I first moved to Yorkshire, I used to refer to such roads as ‘car abseiling’. We were just missing the ropes. If you’re rubbish at holding the clutch or don’t have a decent hand brake, go down through Cross Roads along Hebden Road instead.

We always make a point of parking near the Parsonage in the Bradford Council owned car park. They don’t clamp you if you’re over, the traffic wardens we have met are lovely and it’s convenient for the loos and the Main Street.

It was a lovely sunny Sunday, although only 14c outside. A few wispy clouds overhead, but nothing much.

We ambled gently up and down the steep Main Street (you have to understand when visiting the borough of Bradford – there are hills aplenty), not just for my benefit, but also for the benefit of my baby, who only has little legs and finds hills a challenge too.

2015-09-06 14.12.50We had a look at the Parsonage’s garden, where there were words laid out on the grass in front of the house, and the invitation for visitors to make sentences from them. They were from Wuthering Heights no less. My baby thought it was more fun though, to toddle on them like stepping-stones. I’m certain Emily Jane would not have minded.

We stopped at Silverland, who were having one of their world-famous half price sales… I LOVE this place so much. I can only wear real silver (and it is my preferred metal) because otherwise, it irritates my skin. This place is bloody fantastic. They group together the precious stones that are inlayed into silver around the shop. They are already reasonably priced, but when they are in the sale… it is fill yer boots time.

Thomas bought me a fetching pair of moonstone drop earrings. I’ve always wanted moonstone as it is just so pretty and so dimensional.

I don’t own much jewellery and it isn’t made out of anything precious (sorry thieves, put your swag bags away). It is just lovely to look at the shiny, pretty things in there and then be treated to something totally lovely. It’s more the sentimentality to it that makes it unforgettable. I’ll always look at my moonstones and remember that September afternoon my husband got them for me and smile.

Afterwards, we stopped at the Black Bull and had a drink, before wandering down the cobbled street to the end, then back up again (slowly).

We stopped at Catkin’s for an ice cream for the girls and discussed where we would like to live when we eventually sell our house. We love Haworth and would of course move back there, so I suppose it is on the table as a potential place to live. We just feel so at home and at peace when we are there.

The schools are good, the area calming and lovely, we have some family up there too… but the winters are harsh, the tourists can be a pain at times (not all are, but some can be e.g. looking through your living room window at you, like you’re some sort of exhibit, face pressed against the glass).

Pro’s and con’s and either way, it is nice to dream…

2015-09-06 15.40.50
St Michael & All Angels Church

We paused on the steps of St Michael and All Angel’s whilst the girls finished up their ice creams and marvelled at what a lovely day it was.

I enjoyed our wander up there – it helped with both conditioned and revitalised me a bit, which is what I needed really.

I hope the start of September has been going well for you,

Cat x


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