Europe’s Refugee Crisis


I saw on the news today, the horrifying sight of a tiny 3 year old baby boy’s lifeless body on a Turkish beach. He had drowned with his mother and 5 year old brother, trying to escape to Europe for want of a safe life. Not an affluent one – a safe one.

These are not economic migrants; they are humans reaching out to other humans for safety. They are refugees.

This is what happened in Europe in the lead up to the outbreak of the Second World War. People fled for the safety of other countries not because they thought it was funny, not because they thought they could financially benefit from it, but because they were desperate for safety.

During the Irish potato famine, millions left the country to find work so they could feed their families. They did not leave for the fun of it; they left because their babies were dying.

It didn’t even stop with the two above examples either.

Has Europe such a short memory of what it is like to see our own citizens desperate?

These people are desperate. The people they are running from are ridiculously to blame and should not be absolved. What are they achieving by destroying and killing and scaring? No God worth worshiping would remotely condone this, no amount of political power is worth a single human life, so they must be doing it for no other reason than out of selfishness, greed and vanity. This is a HUMAN made problem and can therefore be UNMADE by mankind – if only they WANT to.

I’m not absolving Europe of its own failures or atrocities, but right now, they aren’t the ones the finger of blame needs pointing at. If blaming, ultimately, even achieves anything at all to begin with, that is.

Europe must decide what to do, because people are turning up, desperate, with nowhere to go. Europe should also look towards her allies in other continents too – this is not a European issue or one particular countries problem, it is a humanitarian one, because this has become a humanitarian crisis. One were human beings need to reach out and help one another, rather than brutalise or hurt one another.

As a European, I want them to come and I want to help them. I therefore want my country and my politicians to help. The maternal instinct in me wants to bundle those babies up and tuck them in safe and warm with my own babies.

Europe’s lack of action has led to others (including me) to name them as hard hearted – but how do the EU countries cope with the influx of the desperate? How do they organise it and do the most good? Who takes them and how many? As these questions are being asked, the death toll rises. It is not the politicians or the terrorists and war mongers who are suffering, but innocent civilians – it is the vulnerable. It is a little 3 year old boy in a red t-shirt who was placed by his terrified parents into a sinking boat because the water was safer than the land.

I hope we all find inside us all the spark of goodness, kindness and light that is needed to give this world peace.

Because this shit simply CANNOT carry on.


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