Meme’s and Emoji’s – Where Has My Writing Gone?

I am changing how I write colloquially. I think we all are, or at least, we are leaning that way. Instead of putting full-stops, I find myself putting smiley faces there instead. Emoticons/emoji's/smilies, call them what you will, are invading my writing. I do it now without even realising it. In fact, in lieu of… Continue reading Meme’s and Emoji’s – Where Has My Writing Gone?


Missing the Stages

Like me, my youngest two daughters are Autumn babies. This means, however, that in a short span of time, they have birthdays. Practically speaking, it is a pain to get them presents because Christmas is round the corner and they change their mind about what they are into all the time. Unless it's Minions. Little… Continue reading Missing the Stages


Remembering First Year Halls

The dawn of a new academic year has come and those in education in lots of places around the world, are getting stuck into that learning thing. It has been fourteen years since I piled my boxes up into my new room at Edge Hill University (or University College as it was back then) and surveyed… Continue reading Remembering First Year Halls


Trialling the Pomodoro Technique

Tomato timers at the ready... I struggle with concentration and fatigue quite a bit and much more than your average chipmunk. There are actual proper medical reasons for this, connected with some fascinating thing I have wrong with me, which I won't bore you with. Therefore, the average battle against procrastination, mind wandering, blanks and wondering… Continue reading Trialling the Pomodoro Technique

Short Story

Short Story: Nothing Nice To Say

“You put me down in front of them. You’ve been telling them bad things about me”, he rumbled. A hard, sharp whisper in her ear. She looked up into his blunt, cold green eyes. “I love you more, Mrs Woo Woo”… “I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore… I want you to be… Continue reading Short Story: Nothing Nice To Say


A Sunny Haworth Wander

I have two chronic illnesses and both of them are helped by walking. It is widely regarded by peer reviewed and respected scientists and researchers, too, that this is the case. So I walk. One of the aforementioned illnesses is asthma. I can’t run or jog or do much cardio sort of exercise, because my… Continue reading A Sunny Haworth Wander