Hello My Dear Readers :)


I thought I’d slide in a more personal salutation between the deep and meaningful ones I keep posting.


I won’t go on with more tales of woe regarding my Mum’s loss. I think the blog posts I do on all that are pretty all-encompassing. Besides, how do you find a way forwards? She meant to me something different than what she meant to my brother and my sister and she, in turn, meant something different to them also. It doesn’t mean one person’s grief is more valid or potent – it is not a competition – more that we’re all figuring it out in our own ways. The point is, we’re getting there. It’s having to just remind ourselves that it has only just been 6 months and that we need to be a bit more gentle with ourselves and each other.


On a lighter note, I have decided to recreationally do a diploma in behavioural therapy. It encompasses counselling skills to level 2 as well as all the additional stuff. Just something I’m interested in and want to look at. It won’t lead to me being a qualified practitioner in anything, but will give me another string to my bow and help me understand the world a bit better. All good. Knowledge is power.

Update: Nope, turns out the Diploma will lead to me being able to work as a cognitive behavioural therapist. Fair enough *shrugs*.

House For Sale

We also have the house on the market – at long bloody last! Yay! Frigging marvellous news. It has been on the cards for years, but with one thing or another, we just hadn’t been in the right place to sell it. Now that we are, we’re looking forwards to getting our second mortgage and buying a new den of Mercer goodness.

Here’s hoping the sale of Mercer Hall is imminent and the acquisition of Mercer Towers is swift and trouble free.

Back to School

My older daughter starts back to school soon, like most of England (sorry Scotland :)).

How on earth is she getting so grown up? It feels like she was never a baby and that this great tall girl that I have now, just popped out of the ground one day. I am stupidly proud of her though, the typically biased Mum. She is clever, witty and acts like a grumpy teenager at times and can take herself way too seriously – but she is perfect and mine. And no different to any other little girl her age. I’m so lucky,

My baby is thriving and turns two soon. It feels like we’ve had her forever. She has the sweetest smile and the giddiest of giggles, spending all her time running round, pestering her big sister. She is hilarious, silly, gorgeous, cute and just perfect. Again, I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life.


Complete overhaul of the novel, but it needed to happen. My writers block was more of impasse due to basic elements of the plot and characters being so so so wrong together. I’ve managed to untangle them, cut some loose (it was hard to do) and rewrite some more bits… all in all, going well. I have no intention on publishing though. I only published my short story (in an unfinished, unedited state) because I wanted an ISBN! Lifelong book nerd dream now complete and ticked off my bucket list.


Onwards and upwards.

I hope you are okay, dearest readers and that your lives are ticking over beautifully and if not – hang on in there. You CAN and WILL do it.

C x


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