Hello My Dear Readers :)

Hi I thought I’d slide in a more personal salutation between the deep and meaningful ones I keep posting. Mum I won’t go on with more tales of woe regarding my Mum’s loss. I think the blog posts I do on all that are pretty all-encompassing. Besides, how do you find a way forwards? She… Continue reading Hello My Dear Readers 🙂


Getting The Best Of Me

It occurred to me this morning, during my daily shower (I get some of my best ideas during said shower), that so much of our lives are spent at work, that it can often be the thing that claims the best of you. You try to look good (or at least passable), work hard, think… Continue reading Getting The Best Of Me


My Beautiful Army of Trained Killers

I seldom talk about – if ever – my fascination with the sciences. Especially on my blog, which I have given over to the humanities and a bit of a metaphysical analysis as it has been of late. I have been looking through the scientific images of the Royal Photographic Society (as you do) and… Continue reading My Beautiful Army of Trained Killers


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me

Before I went to bed last night, I saw on the news that the voice of the original Trillian from the radio version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had passed away. Susan Sheridan, a superb actress, has sadly died at the age of 68. This is very sad news indeed and my sympathies… Continue reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me

Short Story

Short Story: Never The Pedestal

WARNING: Please note that younger and sensitive readers are advised not to read this story, as it deals with adult themes, subjects and contains strong language. Thank you. They were in a friend’s car, in the back seat, pulling up at a supermarket car park one Saturday morning. It was too early for the usual… Continue reading Short Story: Never The Pedestal