Hello My Dear Readers :)

Hi I thought I’d slide in a more personal salutation between the deep and meaningful ones I keep posting. Mum I won’t go on with more tales of woe regarding my Mum’s loss. I think the blog posts I do on all that are pretty all-encompassing. Besides, how do you find a way forwards? She… Continue reading Hello My Dear Readers 🙂


My Beautiful Army of Trained Killers

I seldom talk about – if ever – my fascination with the sciences. Especially on my blog, which I have given over to the humanities and a bit of a metaphysical analysis as it has been of late. I have been looking through the scientific images of the Royal Photographic Society (as you do) and… Continue reading My Beautiful Army of Trained Killers


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me

Before I went to bed last night, I saw on the news that the voice of the original Trillian from the radio version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had passed away. Susan Sheridan, a superb actress, has sadly died at the age of 68. This is very sad news indeed and my sympathies… Continue reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Me

Short Story

Short Story: Never The Pedestal

WARNING: Please note that younger and sensitive readers are advised not to read this story, as it deals with adult themes, subjects and contains strong language. Thank you. They were in a friend’s car, in the back seat, pulling up at a supermarket car park one Saturday morning. It was too early for the usual… Continue reading Short Story: Never The Pedestal