And I ran on the moor

Enthusiastic Wannabe – With a Camera

Some of you may know that I love to take photos. Not in a creepy stalkery way, but in a “ooh that’s pretty, I want to take a picture of it” kind of way.

I’m that level below amateur, if there is one. Somewhere along the lines of enthusiastic wannabe, I should imagine.

I love focusing on details and taking full landscape shots of flowers or leaves.

I see beauty in cobles, stone steps and bricks. I see the loveliness in a forgotten, rusted gate.

2015-07-17 15.37.43I’m that sort of photographer. I shoot things as I see life: there has to be some good in there somewhere. When there is no good or beauty… which there are examples of all over this bleak little sphere we live on, I don’t take pictures of it. If you want that, look at the news.

I recently joined EyeEm, which is, as far as I can work out, a sort of community for photographers. It’s a bit more than Instagram, in that it offers better editing tools (as far as I can see) and the ability to actually sell your photos too.

Recently, I was informed that four of my photos (a few shots of flowers and a close up of pebbles on a beach in Portsmouth) had been shortlisted by Getty Images.

I was really amazed. Even if they choose not use my stuff in their image catalogues, I’m really flattered that they even took the time in the first place to look at my things and consider them.

Sure, if it probably involved some disinterested intern glancing at the image for half a second and clicking a box, but for me? It meant a lot.

I have the (almost) right stuff.

I’m mediocre at most things in life and excel at nothing in terms of talent (I’m not a good writer, singer, musician, artist, actress etc), but someone thought I was kinda okay for an instant and that was great.

I don’t even know why I’m so pleased really. I generally do my creative stuff for the benefit of myself and myself alone. It think it is simply because it is a medium I have never really tried to do anything with before and my first attempt to, was instantly credible.



Cat x

I’m on EyeEm as Cat_Mercer


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