Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

My very own copy of Mrs Fry's Diary
My very own copy of Mrs Fry’s Diary
I don’t think I remember when I came across the bona fide comedy legend and all round super-wife, Mrs Stephen Fry. 2010 maybe? This book is one I bought and read a while back, but is always worth picking back up from time to time to enjoy and have a little chuckle at, so this is a bit of a revisit for me.

Starting off as a Twitter feed about the trials and many tribulations in her ‘marriage’ to actor, writer, presenter and cerebral demi-god Stephen, it quickly picked up popularity. This ended up with the spawning of two books: The first of which is the delightful ‘Mrs Fry’s Diary’ with a foreword by the main man himself, Mr Stephen Fry. He remarks that he “had no idea she had written a book” and went on to marvel “that she did so using needle and thread rather than keyboard and computer, just to keep up the pretence, shows her commitment and force of character”.

It always adds a lovely feeling of authentication if you will, when the celebrity the joke revolves around gets involved and endorses it. It makes Mr Fry look a jolly good sport and gives the reader a bit more of a vibe of good will; knowing they are reading something that is definitely not unkind or unappreciated. It is almost like receiving permission to guffaw.

The book itself includes the tweets that initially made this so popular in the first place, but born now in diary form, covering a year of domestic bliss at the Fry’s.

You get to meet their numerous offspring as well as a frank introduction to Edna Fry’s cooking skills. The things she can do with a can of Spam will make your eyeballs spin round like a fruit machine.

You get a lovely sense of whimsy and character beaming out from the pages of that book. One gets a hint of it online, but it is nothing really compared to what shines from the pages.

Edna is, but of course, a devoted mother, who is always busying herself around her cosy little nest: “3rd May, Sunday: I’m taking advantage of all the kids being out of the house – cleaning the ovens, defrosting the fridge, changing the locks…” (p88).

It is a good read if you want something light, different and humorous to brighten up a boring commute or loose-end sort of afternoon. Or more importantly, if you are just in need of something to make you giggle.

The twitter account that started it all
The twitter account that started it all
It is a must for all Stephen Fry fans too, as the idea of him leading a double life is both ridiculous and hilarious in one fell swoop.

I’m all for anything that makes anyone smile in this sad, dark world of ours, so Mrs Fry gets a right jolly double thumbs up from Mrs Mercer!

Follow the ups, the downs and the loop-de-loops of Edna’s life and that of her colourful family on twitter: @MrsStephenFry

You can also get hold of her books on Amazon for Kindle (I have the first book in hardback and the second on Kindle, which I am going to start reading shortly), if you at all fancy seeing what I am on about.

Besides, it is worth looking in on the poor dear at present. Stephen seems to have disappeared after being spotted buying a tex-mex platter for two and a bottle of cava down Lidl, and it wasn’t for her…

Cat x

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