Still Being Taught

I was speaking to someone, who I see as an Oracle of Wisdom, so I think from now on, I will call him that: The Oracle. We were talking today about a few boring personal things with me and he made me see quite an amazing thing during that conversation. “Do you remember at any… Continue reading Still Being Taught


Just Telling Yourself the Story – The First Draft

Terry Pratchett – the late, great and tremendously wonderful writer said that the first draft is just you telling yourself the story. The world can wait. You have to get the first draft down. Don’t worry about clichés, typos, missing words, clumsy sentences, scandalously crap metaphors, uneven pacing, repeating yourself, forgetting the plot or suddenly… Continue reading Just Telling Yourself the Story – The First Draft

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie

This hoodie, one of several I have from University, is the last Uni hoodie I bought. It is for Katherine Fletcher Halls, room 14, at Edge Hill University, Lancashire (UK). It represents for me the closing chapter of that period of my life, were I was leaving behind full time education, adolescence, childhood, unhappiness, heartache… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #16: The University Hoodie

And I ran on the moor

Enthusiastic Wannabe – With a Camera

Some of you may know that I love to take photos. Not in a creepy stalkery way, but in a “ooh that’s pretty, I want to take a picture of it” kind of way. I’m that level below amateur, if there is one. Somewhere along the lines of enthusiastic wannabe, I should imagine. I love… Continue reading Enthusiastic Wannabe – With a Camera


Over the Sea to Skye

I've just about gotten into watching 'Outlander' on Amazon Prime. It don't mind it, it's good escapism and the male lead is lush, so all good (if you forgive my tasteless objectification of a male). It follows the tale of a woman from 1945 who is transported back, somehow, two hundred years into the past.… Continue reading Over the Sea to Skye


Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

I don’t think I remember when I came across the bona fide comedy legend and all round super-wife, Mrs Stephen Fry. 2010 maybe? This book is one I bought and read a while back, but is always worth picking back up from time to time to enjoy and have a little chuckle at, so this… Continue reading Review: “Mrs Fry’s Diary”

Short Story

Short Story: Interrupted

PLEASE NOTE: This story is not be suitable for younger or sensitive readers as grown up themes, strong language and subjects are dealt with below. Thank you. This was the fight of her life. He’d actually leapt at her this time, pinning her with the finesse and precision of a professional wrestler taking down an equally matched… Continue reading Short Story: Interrupted


My Mum is in the Thunder

Each year, when I was a kid, there was a massive event in the park across the round from my house called the ‘St Helens Show’. It was always at the end of July and it was always amazing. There was a fair, tents filled with crafts and stalls, police dog shows, a plane doing… Continue reading My Mum is in the Thunder